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I am a compulsive re-reader, then book-borrower, collector, bibliophile, bibliomaniac, bibliohysteric and now accumulator…

Louis Jacolliot “Untrodden Fields of Anthropology” – 2 vols.

Louis Jacolliot/Dr. Jacobus X “Untrodden Fields of Anthropology” Observations on customs of semi-civilised peoples. Being a record of thirty years’ experience in Asia, Africa and America. By a French army-surgeon. … Continue reading

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Pierre Loüys “Aphrodite”

Pierre Loüys “Aphrodite” A Novel of Ancient Manners. Complete and integral translation into English. Paris, Charles Carrington, 1906. 8vo, wrps. xvi, 412pp., illus. Ed. Zier. This Charles Carrington printing is … Continue reading

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Julius Rosenbaum “The Plague of Lust”

Julius Rosenbaum The Plague of Lust Being a History of Venereal Disease in Classical Antiquity. Translated from the Sixth (unabridged) German Edition by an Oxford M.A. 2 vols. Paris, Charles … Continue reading

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Anonymous – The Old Man Young Again

Anonymous The Old Man Young Again Or Age-Rejuvenescence in the Power of Concupiscence. Literally translated from the Arabic by an English Bohemian. Paris, Charles Carrington, 1898. Roy.8vo, plain red / … Continue reading

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Anon “The Old Man Young Again”

RARE Paris Publication Paris, Charles Carrington, 1898. Roy. 8vo, plain red wrappers Originally published in a limited edition, this copy out of series $ 100

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Anatole France “The well of Santa Clara”

Illustrated by Martin Van Maele Paris, Charles Carrington, 1903 Demy 8vo. Original wrappers printed in black and green. Text in green frame throughout. One of 500 copies. This one out-of-series. … Continue reading

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Oscar Wilde “Intentions” Tr Hugues Rebell & Charles Grolleau

Paris, Librairie des bibliophiles parisiens/Charles Carrington Demy 8vo. Original wrappers printed in black and red. Portrait of Oscar Wilde. Printed at the Sainte Catherine Press 30$

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