Michael Neal's Books

I am a compulsive re-reader, then book-borrower, collector, bibliophile, bibliomaniac, bibliohysteric and now accumulator…

Curious, Unusual and Scholarly Books


In the domain of Literary Curiosities my appetite in endless.

One of my favorites is John Bellenden Ker whose classic ‘Essay on the Archaeology (sic) of our Popular Phrases and Nursery Rhymes’ was printed, if not actually published, in several volumes, with supplements, during the 1830’s. (London, Andover and Southhampton).

The Opies describe the Bellenden Ker tomes as ‘fanciful’ and G. Legman, himself, as ‘wholly invented’ ‘glorious delirium’ and possibly more.

I am still looking for his Paris published ‘Statics of Statu-Quo Permanency or : the Maximum Taxability Made a Measure of the Durability of Any Present Order of Things’ issued by Pihan Delaforest in 1831.


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