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I am a compulsive re-reader, then book-borrower, collector, bibliophile, bibliomaniac, bibliohysteric and now accumulator…


Over the last fifty years  I seem to have transformed myself from a mere reader, to compulsive re-reader, then book-borrower, collector, bibliophile, bibliomaniac, bibliohysteric and now accumulator.

My main collecting interest is the now almost forgotten American Man of Letters Edouard Roditi. (Born Paris, 1910. Died Cadiz 1992). And then : The Camondo Family, Léon Pierre-Quint and Editions du Sagittaire.

Since 1978 I have attempted to compile a complete bibliography (whatever can that be ?) of my hero’s various publications and translations. This list now contains two thousand five hundred items.

Here is a list of  Edouard Roditi’s  published books with a few sections from the unpublished autobiography.

Here is a list of my other collecting interests or harmless hobbies.

The Horseshoe Group : Hugh Kingsmill, Malcolm Muggeridge and Hesketh Pearson.
As a supplement I have Michael Holroyd. (I might run out of reading material).

These historians, philosophers, researchers or what have you.
Norman Cohn,  A. James Gregor, James Parkes, Léon Poliakov, Pierre-André Taguieff.

These bibliomaniacs : Fernand Fleuret, Friedrich S. Krauss, G. Legman, Louis Perceau, Pascal Pia.

Alfred Fabre-Luce. French Memoirist, Biographer Pamphleteer and Occasional Novelist.

Robert Briffault. Anthropologist, pamphleteer, novelist, whirling dervish.


2 comments on “About

  1. Robin
    October 6, 2012

    Michael Neal now has his very own bookshop, I’m just going to repeat that to myself…a few times… Yes, it sounds right. Finally, the world really is your oyster, Michael. Do you like oysters, I don’t recall? Well these are virtual oysters as this is a virtual bookshop but all that means is that you have the world at your disposal and are no longer bound by Parisian geography or demography. At last the world will have access to you and a very lucky world that now is.

  2. Robin
    October 6, 2012

    Moi? Me, being moderated? One must surely protest. There must never be moderation, never! That is the way of cowards and hurtlings. Be strong good people, be stout, be bold!

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