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Adrienne Monnier “Le Navire d’Argent”

livres9mars (1)Adrienne Monnier
“Le Navire d’Argent”
Paris, June 1925-May 1926.

Complete set of 12 vols. Later Navy Blue cloth, leather labels, wrps. bound in.

The first volume includes ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’ translated by Sylvia Beach & Adrienne Monnier. Other contribs. Include J.-M. Sollier, Valery Larbaud, Paul Claudel, Jules Romains, Ramon Fernandez, Pierre Bost, Volume Four is a special William Blake number, Volume 5 includes James Joyce ‘From Work in Progress’, Joseph Delteil, Disraeli, W.B. Yeats, Jean Schlumberger, Volume 7 has many adverts. Including one for Shakeaspeare and Company Book-Hop (sic), Bernard Groethuysen on Le Declin de l’Enfer, Robert McAlmon, Italo Svevo, Walt Whitman (Trad. S.B. & A.M), Quatre Jeunes Etats-Uniens (W.C. Williams, Ernest Hemingway, Robert Mc Almon, E.E. Cummings, Rilke, Saint-Ex., Blaise Cendrars and Volume 12 is a special poetry number with Alfonso Reyes, D.H. Lawrence,Jean Berl, Luc Durtain, Henri Hoppenot, Jules Supervielle and A.M.

650 €


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